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What kind of content is helpful for website development

1, starting from the theme of the site should grasp the psychological needs of consumers, the correlation index long tail word more able to do and play love Shanghai segmentation benefits, but also should be the current hot spots to improve the user eyeball attractive, which provides a favorable guarantee for us to bring new users.

search engine algorithm with several adjustments and complete, whether the chain adjustment algorithm: "on the chain" of the original content or judgment, the judgment: "love" hit Haiyuan spark program. Indirect and direct show love Shanghai for content at neutral, content is very important, I believe we will not question. Here, more people will doubt: what kind of content is helpful for website development? The content of the website directly affect the overall development of the future, to fully reflect the value of the contents, we first need to understand what it is worth doing, it is worth to create. According to the author’s own experience to talk about personal thoughts, please also colleagues to join in, opinion is not good, please forgive me forgive. read more


Website optimization to the left or right Public opinions are divergent.


2 arguments: Links more than 50 will disappear in Shanghai. Shanghai dragon really is a very detailed work for Links is definitely one of the highlights of the webmaster, must first see the chain and set each other, included bad station will be directly pass off. The second is the other party of the site and number of weight chain problems. The number of more than 50, basically does not have to get the possibility of exchange. But the days count, the old webmaster took out a website, Links hung 120, ranked love Shanghai, Google, soso, Sogou, Youdao five search engine home. read more


Fuxing deep mining site of Shanghai dragon Title Keyword

therefore, before doing so, we must seriously study the website keywords, and now the network of Title keywords are many, but it remained at the theoretical level, such as key words neither too broad, but not so special; not only have the keyword search volume at the same time, the degree of competition and the key words; not only have the commercial value, but also satisfy people search habits. These points are right, but how should we know these words are not too broad, or too special? Next, your site keyword mining from the point of a step depth: read more


Do Wangzhuan win-win cooperationPersonal webmaster Breakout foothold in the traditional industry

The traditional

paid cooperation is your way to return commission cooperation with the downline. That is, from the downline where the Commission bonus, with a part of the Commission back to the assembly line. Let offline also quick income, paid to return. This will motivate the downline to perk up. Only offline active, you can earn faster and more, two, your earnings faster and more, to the next line of commission will naturally more quickly and more. This cycle, for you, is a good thing for your downline as everyone gets more benefits. read more


National day seven day flow the use of media network to find an opportunity

search engine has a characteristic, domain name age longer, giving higher weight. How many webmaster had saved a few old station, why don’t you do a few days short? Term for hot day seven day fast search, the author recommends the use of earned rankings, more than 1 years old domain name registration. And do not have to build a new station, long tail word can.

: the superiority of the domain name



started every holiday, national consumption will geometric fold increase, while the media is the best time of their product promotion. So as a webmaster, whether can take advantage of this opportunity, for their own income? Don’t just that old station maintenance and maintenance, the appropriate time to walk short-term is not bad. read more


Keywords maintenance should follow the first principle of stability after expansion

3, consolidate the ranking for a more long tail ranking produced

is currently a number of keywords optimization up, we want to stabilize its ranking, can also find new keywords favorable layout, reasonable optimization, of course, from the background traffic data can be seen, many words are useless. "

The When the

1, Shanghai dragon to continue their plan to ensure the keyword ranking

keyword is the focus of Shanghai dragon optimization, Shanghai dragon er’s aim is to make the keywords to row up, so as to bring flow, bring benefits. In addition, the mining and layout optimization keywords medium-term target keywords keywords optimization and later continuous mining, in general this is a keyword done, while the most common station analysis is how to improve the keywords ranking, for the maintenance of key words later a few mentioned; the important task in the late maintenance is Shanghai dragon Er keywords. read more


A5 marketing the enterprise website optimization common precautions

two: design flaws in

three: Zoupian Jian Feng

team more business for a while, no write to share with you, A5 marketing in Shanghai Longfeng diagnostics business, more than 70% of the customers are business customers, the recent summary of what these customers typical optimization problems, station common share, A5 marketing (贵族宝贝 to help SMEs grow faster.

is now the company, often only is the value of the pursuit of "external beauty" page brilliant, but doing, will be a self browsing "page", rather than the public website. read more


Estimation of the quality of exchange chain


sixth, if the new station, the station optimization has the potential to be reasonable. As the saying goes, the veteran fight experience, new natural potential can only fight, because the strength is tough not ncessarily, so it is very important to optimize the content and potential and potential.

special chain optimization:


industry: industry website "Canon after optimization of pressure

is second, other sites included rate must be high, at least more than 50%. The best is the second. Only his website is high, it will not affect your included, or to exchange a baggage back. read more


Examples of website snapshot not update for keywords ranking volatility

dragon love Shanghai website snapshot stop in June 25, 2013, from then on the website home page keywords will not listen to the large range of fluctuation, were originally in Shanghai love home the first words, sometimes even by the wave to hundreds of meters away. Ordinarily these keywords are not index, the competition is not fierce, why there is such a big fluctuation? Website recently without modification, it is time to update, the chain construction is rhythmic, in order to avoid the suspect stopped exchange chain. Only the site of the snapshot stop, if the fluctuation and snapshot no relationship between keywords, the dragon that is unable to explain clearly, as shown in figure read more


Escape from the black hat search engine cheating to promote the rankings of natural increase (two)

black hat Shanghai dragon cheating seven: content acquisition / acquisition / pseudo original tool


we Links input words in Taobao will find many sellers will sell the link page, and this is what we want to say today content. Taobao can buy and sell links, but the webmaster when buying links is not felt generally lower prices? Generally dozens of sites a month only tens of dollars, that is a link to a site for a month to 1 yuan, in the end what is the use of this link

The several forms of link / link / link factory farm farm read more