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Promotion experience out of Shanghai dragon trap in the master


to a few nights or listen to their parents, to find a job working in an office, working stability is not very tired, but also in the company can also be called a white-collar. The feeling is still a bit of face in the company. I just find a company to do for a few months, work fine boring on the Internet to answer the question, see live and relax ourselves. I remember once in response to industry for the discovery of Shanghai dragon in this industry. I search on the Shanghai Phoenix video tutorials, listening to a tutorial is also not difficult to call. Search the salary, then go to look at the recruitment network salary of 200, than the web design a little bit, calculated in accordance with the words actually because it is almost a year wages in general. But I think this thing. Learn a lot of guys do blog the number of keywords, do words heat every day, nothing to write articles, or my answer to the problem of replication in the blog after more than a year do not feel what these mean, because we can not make money. In 2014 I bought several sets of Shanghai Longfeng materials, using the method of teaching the above type no effect, damn it cheated people, there is no use, so I go on this line in Shanghai dragon. read more


Love Shanghai medical website early adjustment algorithm Dutch act tips

medical website tips Dutch act second strokes: Web content homogeneity

web content homogeneity, are common to many websites, especially in the area of medical website. Here is a screenshot of the medical website,

has the benefit, there is a market fall!, there is an inevitable competition, this shot, is the domestic network arena martial – love Shanghai. With love Shanghai recently on the search engine algorithm to adjust, large quantities of medical site is down right, especially the keyword www domain name ranking is K. Although there is news, the medical industry has made no small contribution to love Shanghai love the Shanghai auction, carry "rectifying the medical industry" banner, is actually forcing the medical industry as a whole "Liangshan" – love Shanghai auction. But in fact, after the observation of the medical website, love Shanghai the whip medical industry, it is fair to preserve leader is the wind. Count the medical websites really have some Dutch act trick worth learning tips. read more