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Trial begins again for Rui DaSilva

The aunt of a seven-year-old girl sold online for sex wept in the courtroom today once again listening to the horrific details of what happened to her niece. Thirty-eight-year old Rui DaSliva pleaded guilty to sexually attacking the girl in May but after the judge presiding over the case died the process had to start from scratch.DaSilva had met the girl’s mother’s boyfriend- who cannot be named to protect the girl’s identity- online after she had been advertised for sex on Craigslist.DaSliva admits to attending the girl’s Hamilton home in February where he and the mother’s boyfriend both sexually attacked the girl.The court heard disturbing details today about how the young girl was brought downstairs in the middle of the night, dressed in lingerie, and assaulted.At the trial a group of more then a dozen bikers who advocate against child abuse came to show support for the young girl and her family.In April of 2016 DaSilva brought a friend, Sonya Lucas, over to the house where the seven-year-old lived and she too joined in sexually abusing the girl.The Waterloo resident pleaded guilty to her involvement in June.Lucas, who has yet to be sentenced for the crime, was convicted of incest in 2004 for sexually assaulting her then 14 year old son.Fifty-year-old John Gallagher is already behind bars serving a nearly four year jail term for his part in exploiting the little girl.Another Hamilton man, who also cannot be named to protect the girl, is also facing charges including sexual assault and making child pornography. The girl’s mother’s boyfriend is facing a total of 40 charges.Rui DaSilva’s defense is asking the judge for a five year jail sentence. The Crown is seeking eight to ten. DaSilva will learn his fate next month. read more